Top 5 Renewable Energy Sources that we’re benefiting from (and should continue to take advantage of)

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These are the renewable energy resources we need to start using more NOW.

A renewable energy source is an energy source which is self sustainable, and can’t run out. This is what is meant by ‘alternate energy’ as well. Following are the most popular renewable energy sources:

1. Solar Energy – Our sun is the most abundant and free energy source available to us. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, our planet gets more energy from the sun in one hour than the energy consumption by everyone in the world in one year. We as humans have already been harnessing this powerful energy source since centuries, from growing crops, staying warm, to drying foods. Today, harnessing solar energy from the sun has become an efficient form of renewable energy. This can be harnessed by solar panels placed under the sun. However, the amount of sun’s energy we can harness varies, which depends on the time, geographical location, the season, and the weather. The US, Germany, India, China, Italy and Japan possess the largest solar PV capacity in the world.

2. Wind Energy – Wind is another clean energy source which is very prevalent around us. Today, the wind harnessing technology has evolved a lot, since we have wind turbines as high as skyscrapers with their diameter nearly as wide. They are strategically placed at the windiest of places where the wind turns the turbine’s blades, feeding the electricity generator and producing electricity. Wind is the second most used renewable energy source in the world, with China being the biggest wing energy generator followed by the US.

3. Biomass Energy – Biomass energy is accumulated from burning the solid fuels. These solid fuels are agricultural, industrial, and domestic wastes which are converted into solid, liquid and gas state fuels. Burning them in a boiler creates a high pressure steam Which in turn rotates the multiple turbines, which create electricity with the help of generators. When used with the right waste materials, it is known to be a much more cleaner and efficient process among the other renewable sources. Modern biomass, including wood pallets, are nowadays being used more and more for power and heat energy, alongside the traditional agricultural bi-product biomass. China, India and the UK account for more than half of the total biomass energy being produced.

4. Hydro Energy – Hydro energy as a renewable energy source is one of the most commercially used ones. Generally dams are built to create a large reservoir with controlled flow of water, which will turn a turbine hence generating electricity. This source is known to be more reliable than wind and solar power and provides a much more convenient mechanism for storing energy once the peak has been reached. Across the world, many massive hydroelectric plants have their own cons. They reduce the natural flow of water, restricting the access for animals and humans who rely on the water bodies. Having small hydro energy plants when managed carefully does not cause much environmental damage, though.

5.Geothermal Energy – Our planet has a huge source of energy hidden right beneath our feet.Geothermal energy harnesses the heat of the Earth to produce electricity and heat homes.Deep wells are drilled on surfaces where very hot underground water is found. It’s then used as a hydrothermal source and pumped to turn turbines and create electricity. Geothermal plants generally have low emissions if the steam and water is pumped right into the reservoir.One-third of the energy generated from this is electricity, while the two-third is heat. Philippines, Indonesia,USA, Italy, and Mexico produce geothermal energy the most in the world.

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