13. The Cursed Hero (My Hero Academia X Inumaki (Y/N) Nakamura is cursed boy. The girls always told him about their hunts over the years or the Greek myths and he couldn't get enough. 10. "Mommy can I pweese let unca Ares give me his belsing" I corrected his last word and he tested it out on his tongue "B-l-e-s-s-i-n-g" he said and looked proud when he finished. The Greeks get their first glimpse of Camp Jupiter. Small children quite delight me in fact, I think they're quite funny!" I sat by his side and stroked his unruly black hair while Phoebe started the story and I took over from time to time. Percy's about to read!" Hera snapped and Zeus lowered his head. I would speak to him tonight! "I noticed you haven't let Apollo near you since the boy came into your life. No he is not my biological son before you ask and is a son of my useless uncle instead. 14. Reading Percy Jackson Series Metadata. It was a wooden heart perfectly carved with a tiny silver bow within a hollow bit of the carving. Raise him to be kind and honourable and not the stereotype you despise, P-please! He is every bit as worthless as any man we have ever met!" It only took a week and he was off nappies completely. Please consider turning it on! left kudos on this work! this was the pup that Percy had gotten from Artemis for his third birthday and he loved the cub dearly. percyjackson. I am NO son of his. He was getting better at bow and arrow every day as he strived to be like his sisters. we were both laughing and I did remember that we had lots of fond memories of our little brother already and he was only three! The blonde girl at the Athena table said sorry as well but the Hermes boy, Luke looked at me with curiosity as if I was a prize which didn't go down well with my sisters who both went up to him and kicked him in the manhood making all of the boys in the venue slightly uncomfortable. It turns out he made Zoe a charm to put on a necklace and a beautiful one it is too! He pulled a length of rope out of his pocket and bent down to the buck tying all four legs together. Have a good reading! Percy?" We found his Mom by the fire and sat down on logs facing her. What's wrong with him?" Later alright?" They've made it through the first Great Prophecy, now they must read about the second. Read Chapter 27- That Girl from the story Percy Jackson- Adopted Son of Artemis (ABANDONED) by cupcakesandcakes369 (Cupcake ) with 5,891 reads. "Nothing more than to meet the boy and give him my blessing in due time. Zeus getting impatient demanded to know who they were. He had been trained with weapons by Ares from time to time and was a natural with spear and sword. Pertemis. The dining pavilion was just as Zoe described to me as she had been here quite a lot over the past few centuries. as well as "Well I have been watching him ever since he started stealing and hiding theses thing" said Hermes with a suspicious glint in his eyes, "And to say he's only three he is unlike any other child I have ever seen and stole them with the intentions to give them back may I add and no one seemed to notice him sneaking about. "Percy calm down, we know but not now. does the dog die in hondo; dhgate marc jacobs dupe; natural scents for candles. She shook her head exasperatedly but said "I am Thalia Grace." 1.3M 18.6K 31. "Wike when Auntie Hestia gived me her powers. Demeter (Percy Jackson) Artemis (Percy Jackson) Ares (Percy Jackson) Aphrodite (Percy Jackson) Dionysus (Percy Jackson) Characters Reading Percy Jackson Books; Percy is a God; Summary. One about a mother's favorite. We all watched as they carried the young boy off to his bed who was protesting loudly. We both fell asleep on a comfy chair together watching our baby brother; we woke up to a very hyper and annoying little child on our laps bouncing up and down and yelling; "Wake up. 17. I told them to which made their jaws nearly hit the floor and I laughed at their expressions. "Artemis! "Hahahahah yeah that was funny. I picked the warm bottle of milk back up for him to drink and he took to it with great enthusiasm, he loved milk very much but was still quite small even though he was developing faster than most. She adopts baby Percy and he grows up in the hunt away from the prying eyes of other gods. They didn't mind changing him when I asked them if they could take some shifts because taking care of a small child, especially a demigod child, was tiring. My dear do you know what you are?" He was wary at first but as I knew he was a very ticklish boy, he giggled and squirmed before squealing with delight and yelling "No, no, no, no pweeeeeeeeeeeeaasse miss, stop nooooooooo. ", "What do you mean normal? "Mooooom" he whined and we all laughed at his embarrassment. Please consider turning it on! We just left him there in the dark and told him he wouldn't have bedtime stories for a week. Athena answered looking over the books. But he is just a child, Zeus wouldn't harm him. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Artemis found Percy on the beach alone with his dying mother believing she had saved them, only for the baby, no more than a year old to save her own life. You have broken your scared oath?" "Hey; there's a note" she called everyone back. One night when the girls had gone hunting and I was alone with the boy exactly a year after I first found him on his birthday, we were by the fire together as I was feeding him his bottle for the night when Hestia came out and I freaked. The treatment of certain characters has made me understand why fans of other fandoms get annoyed with things like Bashing. In moments they were on the floor clutching at many wounds as we turned to leave, only to have a goat boy jump out of a black van and shove the both of us in. I slumped in my chair by the fire and pulled my son back onto my lap. It turns out my son has quite a nice voice and Apollo had tried to get him interested in poetry after I had told him about my son but he was having none of it. I looked at the baby and noticed he was wearing a snap-suit with dolphins and fish on them and in the back of his neck it said in red 'Perseus' I had never liked that name and decided to change it to just Percy instead. But remember when he refused to come out of the lake for bedtime. as well as "Artemis did no such thing Ares don't jump to such conclusions. 11. The straw spilled out easily with a twist of my sword and I gave a yell. At this Percy quietened down and stopped crying, he looked up at the god and asked, "Wat's a belsing Sir" we all chuckled at the child's pronunciation but Ares spoke and sank to my sons eye level crouching down and explained. He explained that he just knew what to do and couldn't really remember how he'd done it, so after he finished I picked the boy back up giving him Zoe's present back so he could hide it and strolled back towards camp with the boy on my hip where he rested his head on my shoulder, tired after playing with his pup almost all day long. He took a small charm on a chain of silver and dropped it into my hand studying my expression eager to please as usual. Zeus has made many mistakes but ignoring problem after problem making gods fade even his own children. "I will give you both the tour" he said and stepped out of his wheelchair to expose his full true body which was half horse! Percy Jackson wasn't born as the Son of Posiedon but as the Son of Artemis and Poseidon. "Master Chiron, I know I am a demigod but I already have a home and we were kidnapped by a satyr and a blonde girl and forced here I know where to go and I need to get back so just let me leave please or my Mother will kill me." all eyes were on me. I have a present for you!" We shared a bed which she wasn't very happy with but it was either that or the floor so she agreed to share because I was still quite scrawny for a demigod child. How will they react to all that happens in Percy's second summer at Camp Half-Blood? I had found it quite cute and funny, this happened quite often but not always did both of them react to his cry. He is the son of the Titans Kronos and Rhea, as well as one of the Big Three. The tree of them looked towards each other and sighed. "He has many children of his own and cares little or none for any, why should he be allowed near my son?" A tiny impossibly small arrow had been placed their and a jewel of emerald had been set in the back of it. He was standing protectively over one of his fallen sisters but still looked terrified. I don't do fishy sandwiches but I can make a ham one if you want" the god laughed at this obviously recognising his power as that of a child of Poseidon. she promised and I knew she was right. And if he 'smells' off to you he already has the blasting a of three gods already, who are Apollo, Hestia and Ares" the gods nodded and looked at each other before turning to me and asking, "Would you help us to convince Artemis to let us give the child his blessing?" I find this unusual as I read a lot of it, But when it comes to this fandom I hate almost all of it. "Thalia? It soared through the air and hit a buck straight through the head and it crumpled to the floor. 84 guests This is simply the Gods, Hunters and Campers reading about the events in the two stories. I win!" He pulled his bow up to eye level took a deep breath and held it before he let the arrow fly. He asked in a civil tone I never suspected possible of the war god. This wasn't so much a problem as a nuisance but my heart raced each time I heard him cry. The logical side of me told me to leave it alone but the Huntress side was demanding to know what it was. I stepped out from behind the bush and saw a beautiful golden deer. Baby Percy here killed a hellhound on his own using the power of the sea. The creator had seen everything. Chapter 6 I stood in the arena hacking away at the dummies. The Greek Gods are a race of immortal beings who control the forces of nature and human endeavors. Apparently this was where we were to be claimed. Chapter 7 The 27 of July!" Cute baby Percy! "Lunar?" "My boy I am Hestia god of the hearth and home which means I can control fire but I also see everything!" Percy: [to Artemis] Should we just rest for the rest of the day since it is already afternoon and the dare is to take you out for breakfast? All I wish is to give this child my blessing." Pertemis Fanfiction. he exclaimed and opened his palm to reveal a light coming out of his palm that made it look like he had a torch built into him or something. Zeus straightened with pride thinking that he was able to summon mortals like that but answered "No, so introduce yourselves." She said that she didn't want anyone to be suspicious of why we had been found together. Two year old Perseus 'Percy' Jackson has just woken up from his . Chapter 12 Zo, obeying her mistress told them "I am Zo Nightshade, Lieutenant of Lady Artemis." "I'll read first." Help him p-please. he said which made Hestia laugh and he blushed. I was delighted at how my son was turning out at just the age of three! "Zee-Zee Phe-Phe I'm ok no need to worry. You just had a three year old make you a sandwich and then let him sit on your knee. Chapter 16 So if you had my blessing you would be able to wield any weapon and be very skilled when it comes to a fight. "I won't let you eat fishies! Rubbing him dry all over, even though he could will himself dry sometimes, he still liked the feel of a nice soft towel, especially this particular blue one which happened to have fishes on it which Percy adored. PS: Future Demigods please introduce yourselves by just name. I smiled at the thoughtful, kind little brother, I had and called the girls to wake up and they all came out of their own tents grumbling stuff about 'harsh early wake ups' or 'Mmmmmhhh food' they were not morning people but I had grown to be a morning person over the past two years and needed to be with that little bundle of energy that was our little brother running around like a goat on Kool-Aid. He was very stealthy thanks to Hermes blessing and the girls things went missing from time to time only to turn up in odd places like trees or even slipped back into their tent without noticing making them believe they were slightly insane. Work Search: Your the Son of the Man-hating Goddess, Artemis. Read the most popular godpercy stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. He was a very bright child and as a year passed which had Percy at 2 years of age, he could sing the alphabet and count to fifty as well as talk as good as any 4 year old I've seen. 12. But he couldn't do this around Percy and the two got up to mischief together like wildfire, not sure if this worries me yet? looking at his sister in wonder for fighting such a 'dangerous' animal. She also seemed to have quite a large stomach not in the way that a large woman would be as she seemed to have . He beamed when he realised that tonight was bottle night and splashed about in the water rubbing his body clumsily trying to rid himself of mud. Large cuts from the monsters axe covering her body. Dimi-g "I'm your brother." Browse . Artemis found him and took him in for unknown reasons that I'm glad for. "Milady? Then the shorter one wearing all black stated "I am Nico Di'Angelo," and sat down. Amazing!" My son peered up at me curiously and asked pleadingly. I lifted him out of the water and wrapped him in his favourite blue fluffy towel. Cute baby Percy! He dashed along the surface of the water while I leaped over the little stream, but I noticed using his powers was having the effect we needed on him and he was still tiring out so all was well. Percy walked closer to Artemis's throne much to everyone's surprise, with Thalia on his heels he plopped down closest to her throne. He had spent some time alone by the fire as well but we let him do it knowing he couldn't be burned after Hestia gave him her blessing nearly 6 months ago. We were right and I scowled at the boy but it vanished when he looked up at me with a beam on his face that was slightly guilty as he said, "Sowwy Phe-Phe but I had to; I wanted Zee-Zee to have a good pwesent so I made it see!". I surveyed the area quickly and saw that there were no monsters left. All of the girls loved giving him a bottle now even more than before because Percy manipulated the milk to form images of things he had seen, in the milk! The past gods are to read the adventures of Percy Jackson and his friends. How will they all react to the dangers of saving the world once more, and the lack of godly assistance? The younger boy laughed "well Percy me and Thalia are just special like that." Coz she aweys knows wat I been doin!" The other problem; 2) was that when we bathed him he wouldn't let himself get wet and nearly killed me the first time I tried cleaning the child by submerging himself in the cold lake water and disappearing only to crawl out again at the other side sit in the mud staring at me as if I was the strange one. Percy Jackson: Son Of Artemis SOA Book&Literature 87 Chapters 1.6M Views Author: TheGodSage. He doesn't want to be alone without it. Percy was Six and a half now and carried the blessing of six gods. Read Freezing Rain from the story Percy Jackson: Lost (A Percy x Zoe Fanfic) by SquiggleyAsh with 1,355 reads. I pouted that my stare which could make Zeus quiver didn't work on the most annoying god of them all, my own brother. So I gave them one. He once showed Zoe fighting a Cyclops and made Phoebe drop the bottle because this was the first time he'd done it, but after that they all fought over who fed him and I thought it was funny to watch them squabble over this little child who seemed to control all of our lives now. I heard a boy ask. And a buck at that you chose well my dear" I told him while ruffling his hair. "Relax girl we don't want to harm the child at all in fact quite the opposite. Our only mistake was when we got too near the stream we were currently living by. "Chiron I know and respect that my father has given you orders to keep my son here. Percy shoved the young wolf playfully and ran off as fast as his little legs would carry him as the beast chased after him barking with joy at being re-united with her long lost master. "YOU'RE IT" before grabbing my hand and running. The goat boy 'Grover' came up to my mother and bowed so low he nearly kissed her shoes mumbling an apology for taking her son. Artemis had just given birth to a male on August 21st, 1993. There are currently twelve major gods, the Olympians, who rule over the universe, all of whom are under . Ares finished his sandwich and brushed his hands together to get rid of crumbs he lifted himself off of the ground but then realised he was dealing with a three year old and knelt down with one knee on the floor and picked Percy up and put him on it. The middle of the dining pavilion was filled with the whole Olympian council including Auntie Hestia who was tending the flames I had made my sacrifice in. All 6 of them headed back to camp and I flew ahead to meet them and give them no reason to suspect I had been watching. All of the boys she passed leaned away realizing who she was and staring at her in awe. Their Demon. This is camp half-blood, home to all children of the gods. Monster attacks were more frequent by the time my son was three. He was gone for 10 minutes before we found Lady Artemis and told her about the boy having sent two huntresses into the woods to find him already. I ran to my son and picked him up just as all of the other girls tended to each other's wounds. I can make light now!" She had a child; no less than a year old all of a sudden he sat up on his own and lifted is hands up. We were woken up by our wolves howling. My little brother was lying on a hospital bed unconscious and looking very pale, and if Apollo was right which annoyingly he almost always was when it came to medical stuff, he wouldn't wake up till tomorrow. One that belonged here. "They are fine Percy see" and I turned myself around so he could lift his head and see his sisters were fine. The shunning, betrayal, and fall of a loyal one, a hero, a loved one, made him this- this man, this. 4. Even though we were on the beach there was a small but powerful aura nearby. But I don't think he will be granted immortality. she begged with those big brown eyes and I broke. A beautiful woman ran through the forest dozens of girls following behind her. Chapter 10 I chose to take a walk with the child to by supplies for him. Rated M for sexual content, cursing, graphic scenes. Read Percy Jackson: Son Of Artemis fanfiction written by the author TheGodSage on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is book&literature fanfic stories, . I got scared and stepped closer to Zoe for comfort who threw an arm around me and ruffled my hair which made me groan. I smiled warmly and the worry vanished from his face. Chapter 2 "Uhm, it is quite possible young one yes. We saw the canoe lake and the beach, the climbing wall and the armoury. Read the most popular artemis stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite. We all rushed out to greet the wolves as we were very close to them and Percy came running out screaming. He meets a beautiful goddess in the Olypian meeting and becomes an Olympian. I offered and he swam closer making sure not to splash me just in case his 'reward' wasn't granted. they screamed. she answered at him smiling. "Bear toof!" I'm the Proudest Father ever, I've always wanted a son like Percy and I finally got him, I've always wanted Percy to be the best ever since he was born, he is my son and everyone on Olympus wants a . She fell in love with him. 15. He said warily eyeing the gods making me chuckle. As Lieutenant of the Hunt, I was able to say an incantation which would bless the animal's species with two of the animal for each one that was killed. After all if I couldn't trust her there was literally no one left. At this my little brother got up and ran to me jumping up at the last second and I caught him as usual, swinging him up onto my hip and bouncing him to make him feel safe. Zeus&Apollobashing! So far she was getting a new bow from Artemis, a set of green clothes from the other hunters along with emerald earrings and a necklace, I was getting her a new dress, headband and iPod for her beloved Demi Lovato songs along with a 50 voucher as I have been saving up for a whole year because we only celebrate ten year birthdays in the hunt unless of course it's Percy! That is until we were interrupted by another blinding flash. he asked the god wriggling now to make Zoe drop him and beaming as he walked up to the enormous god. Artemis/Percy Jackson (162) Annabeth Chase/Percy Jackson (25 . I slowly crept forward holding my bow when I heard the creature's footsteps. "I found him on the beach with his dying mother. We were in Manhattan and we had seen some cool bow and arrows in a shop window. Chapter 17 He was quite scrawny but not as weak as he looked. "For Artemis. Purely because of his bloodline as a son of a broken oath. The light-hearted looks of content on the faces of the Hunters instantly took on one of guarded scorning. That's righ Every day a new comer arrives to camp Half Blood. Percy reluctantly nodded. Ares started chanting in ancient Greek and placed his hands on Percy's shoulders. He is also the patron god of Corinth and his cabin in Camp Half-Blood. And what dangers will. I was in the Underworld trying to stay as far away from Persephone after she had just turned me into a dandelion again, when a dark light the colour of Dad's robes caught my attention. His Roman counterpart is Neptune. Apollo was, after all, a god, and it wasn't wise to intentionally ridicule one, so they fell into silent contempt of the deity who had interrupted them. Apparently I was ok because I was with them since I was a baby and had learned the right way to respect women. I got up to go and see what was wrong but to my surprise, as I reached the flap of my tent I saw my son was running to Phoebe's tent who came out after a second, and was then pulled to Zoe's tent, after they managed to make her stop crying I heard them both singing to her which was making her laugh. "Zo please state your name and title in case the future demigods do not know you." Report story. Creator: Lorixjake Series Begun: 2020-07-17 Series Updated: . Percy had trained her to play tag and it was their favourite game. There was a trident above my head! I was quite small and scrawny for my age but was fast and stronger than I looked. Several confrontations throughout mythology will also take place. Browse; Paid Stories . "I'm not your little sister so call me that one more time and I'll castrate you" I warned with a death glare that was returned by him rolling his eyes at me. "Hello Hermes, Hephaestus. Artemis: [to Percy] Yes, I think that would be the best. Hera announcedChapter 1I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher. 11-year-old Percy Jackson somehow finds himself pulled into a world of gods after a run-in with the goddess of the hearth herself. It was true my real mother was only mortal but she's gone now and Artemis has been my mother since the age of 1. Chapter 21 He could shadow travel short distances but preferred traveling by water vapour. he laughed and looked up when Hestia stopped. Just as Ares had, she had let go of her cold exterior shell and was nice to be around after we found the boy. When he got in bed he woke up and asked for his bottle very quietly which was still on his nightstand next to his tiny bed. It was Percy's first hunt without me and though he wasn't alone I was still nervous. Would being around so many Gods affect my son? It was the last class of the day and I was mentally exhausted. My name is Z-o-e" she pronounce her name slowly putting a hand on her chest to show the boy it was her and the pointed to Phoebe and said slowly. Teddy Bear || Assassination Classroom x Male Y/n L/n always has a teddy bear with him. They came to ask if they could bless the boy as he is obviously gifted within their domains and they wish to help him with certain things!" They introduced themselves as Perseus, Theseus, Orion and Hercules respectively. Though Poseidon never got the chance to detect the boy's presence as he was never allowed near the sea just in case. When Percy is only two he, the Gods and Goddesses, and the Hunters are summoned to the throne room on Olympus to read a book called The Son of the Moon by TheSilverBoar. this seemed to impress Ares, a girl, standing up to him! "Sleep" and panicking I felt myself drifting off. 23. Even Poseidon had shown his face. That's what everyone thinks of him. We were shown the archery range which we both loved and the battle arena. We were both put in the Hermes cabin and Ellie was not happy at being so close to many other boys. I have seen how you are with him, you are a great mother and I wish to help. Chapter 15 I cautiously walked towards the light and was pulled in and found myself falling with a screaming girl. This is because it might ruin the story. I recognized them as Lords Hephaestus and Hermes. Hestia conjured benches for the demigods to sit on, and they silently thanked her. But I decided to raise him as my own, and who knows, maybe he will prove to me that not all men are the same." "But he is a male child milady!" Chapter 11 I spoon fed him ambrosia bit by bit and the colour came back a little. I questioned them "Nico?!" Phoebe caught up with us after a minute or so and we all went to make breakfast. AU of course, probably counts as OOC and a bit of bashing.) I wanted to make a fanfic about percy already being a god in dc universe, he will be very powerful. You may be looking for the book, Percy Jackson's Greek Gods. Pertemis! The future demigods all looked away not able to meet her eye. You didn't summon us?". Poseidon Pov. "When a god gives someone their blessing my child, it means you inherit a little part of that god's power. One night when I was awake just listening to the wildlife I heard Zoe crying and mumbling in her sleep. Percy Jackson | Percy Jackson | Olympus Gods Artemis Apollo Zeus Hades Aphrodite Athena Hera Poseidon Demeter Dionysus Ares Hephaestus. If he didn't want a bath he would simply make the water go away or form an air bubble around him, and even once I saw him manipulate the water to splash Zoe in the face when she tried to wash him. Tonight we told him the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece. Artemis Hunt is a worker in a coffee shop, a babysitter and an actress- in work. she explained and Phoebe and I got up from where we were chatting and went to go and help the boy get clean. Her birthday was in a week, she would be 2100 and we didn't want Percy to hear what was happening because he was a very chatty boy so we decided to let him play. She was pure white with green eyes just like Percy and made a deep rumbling growl in her throat almost like purring except she wasn't a cat and nuzzled Percy playfully. My huntresses didn't like him but I know he'd like Percy. All demigods bowed along with me and the huntresses to the gods though no one bowed to Poseidon as I turned to Hestia who was my favourite goddess next to my mum. "Ah it's nothing Arty really all I want to do is watch and help the boy he is very powerful and I am sure he will be a true hero being raised here by you." "I have been watching your child throughout this fight but do not worry I have not told a single soul. "Percy Jackson and the Olympians:The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and The Last Olympian. Zoe and Phoebe rushed forwards to take him to the medical tent and called my brother to revive him. "Percy Jackson and the Olympians:The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and The Last Olympian. Percy Jackson Fanfic obviously. she said as she dropped the necklace onto the boy's neck. Chapter 18 The tall one shook his head "I'm Percy Jackson.". tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits, 1. And to be honest he did already have Hestia's blessing and could create small flames in the palm of his hand and could summon a sandwich here and there. I looked up. It has yours and your children's fate." born before even Zeus' son of the same name. Percy muttered. They needed more as Ellie and I were obviously more skilled than they were in combat. Will Octavian? I laughed at his reaction to the huge god and he whimpered, burying his head in my neck only peeping at the gods from time to time. he saw my worried face as I held the boy closer but re-assured me by saying. And I thank you for helping keep my son safe by giving him your blessing." Chapter 19 This article is about the pantheon of gods. Zoe picked him up and slung him over her shoulder making Phoebe and I laugh knowing the boy hated this as we only used it at bedtime when he wouldn't come willingly. he asked. I turned my back on him for two minutes and when I looked again I saw him flashing into his mother's tent with two plates of food. We thanked him and by the time we had settled in and greeted all the unclaimed and children of Hermes it was time for dinner. She saw the gods and immediately took Percy off of me holding him close to her chest. I was utterly surprise at how easy the task at hand had just become. YOU ARE READING. Beyond even my brothers help. Wake up! They fed him alternately but Zoe and Phoebe somehow turned out to have the majority of the tasks. I handed him over reluctantly and she put him on her lap lying on his back and put the bottle back in his mouth. Percy Jackson, the son of Athena and adopted son of Poseidon, is an enigma with dark past full of . We were meant to be weaning Percy off of milk but he loved it so much it was hard to deny those puppy dog eyes, even for a huntress! He was looking straight up at the pair who had just arrived. She looked very fearful and probably suspected Hermes was here to take Percy away but couldn't quite figure out how Hephaestus fit into the whole thing. all age mobile home parks in orlando, florida,